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Lift using Heavy Weights or Light Weights  


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08/08/2017 10:33 pm  

To become more explosive on the field, do you train by lifting heavy weights with few repetitions, or lighter weights with more repletion?

There is a new study that states either way works as long as you do it to the point of exhausting the muscles.

By A. Hunter, Exercise Physiology, University of Stirling: "Researchers at McMaster University in Canada found that the weight of your weights doesn’t matter, as long as you continue lifting to the point of exhaustion. For their study, they recruited 49 healthy young men and randomly allocated them to one of two groups. Over a 12-week period, one group lifted lighter weights over high repetitions while the other lifted heavier weights over lower repetitions. Both groups were instructed to continue these lifts to the point of exhaustion. The researchers took muscle samples and found gains in muscle mass and muscle fibre size were almost identical between the two groups. They concluded that as both groups lifted to exhaustion most of the muscle fibres would have been activated (neuromuscular recruitment) and this is what caused equal strength gains. "

Have you found this to be true with your training? What are your thoughts?


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