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Speed Acceleration videos for rugby players
19 Apr 2019

8 Top Rugby Speed Workout Videos


To become a quality rugby player, athletes need a combination of speed and core strength training to gain a competitive edge. Rugby is a sport where players are continually moving but most of the running on the pitch is short sprints with many changes in body orientation.

Having explosive speed can make the difference between getting to the rugby ball or not. Workouts geared toward speed and acceleration offer rugby players maximum advantage over their competition.

I’ve pulled together eight good speed workout videos from YouTube that can help you improve your acceleration and speed for the game.

8 Speed Rugby Speed Workout Videos for Training Players


1. Acceleration Drill



2. Speed And Agility Drills with Bands



3. Increased Hip Mobility



4. Speed up Intramuscular Coordination



5. Fix Tight Hamstrings



6. Strengthen Ankles



7. Proper Running Footstrikes



8. Speed Acceleration Techniques


Conclusively by giving extra attention to form and speed training, you will reap huge rewards on the pitch come next rugby game day.

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Get to it NOW.

Coach Terry

REMEMBER: Before starting any new exercise routines please check with your medical provider and clear your new exercise plan with them before beginning. This is especially true if you haven’t been exercising for some time or are recovering from an injury. I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on T.V.

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