And Rugby Player, Brian Cox
Brian Cox Rugby Player

Brian Cox (me) reshaped for rugby. The mud is optional.

It’s OK to Start Playing Rugby as a Non-Athlete. I did. And My Coach Dad and I Can Help.

Here’s Our Story …

This website, PowerHouse Rugby is an online project where I share how I reshaped my body, mind, speed, and strength to go from being a fat, nonathletic, nerd kid to being an elite rugby athlete.

Okay. Maybe not the nerd part … I’m not so sure I’ll ever outgrow that.

First and foremost, my intention with this website project is to help rugby player-wannabes understand how you too can become an elite rugby player and play competitively–no matter physically where you are even if you don’t follow rugby at all.

My secondary objective is to make enough money from this website project to fund my college tuition, and if I am fortunate enough and successful enough to make enough money to help less fortunate rugby players attend college. I will be applying what I learn studying for my BA in Business about running an online business.

My Background

Brian Cox as a kid

Me as a kid

I started out in life as a skinny kid, but it was difficult for me to manage my body. I’d want to veer right, and my feet would go left. I was active, but sports didn’t interest me.

Thanks to a persistent coach-dad, I tried playing every type of sport from soccer to baseball to water polo and basketball, but no sporting activity seemed to draw me in. I ended up playing football, but coaches only saw me as a one-dimensional player while always being on me to gain more weight. By this point in time, I was already a fat, high school kid and I felt I was heavy enough.

By my sophomore year of high school, I wanted to carry the football and run into people, but coaches wouldn’t give me a chance at a different position.

The problem with many school sports, especially football, is that coaches want walk-on-ready players who understand the position they play. Coaches don’t want to develop players–they want to win games. And if you are a big–even fat–player with some inherent strength then you are often pigeonholed into being a lineman.

This way of thinking about being an athlete wasn’t good enough for me.

Enter Rugby

Brian Cox when heavy as a kid

Me during my heavier years

I was lucky enough, or unlucky enough to have a rugby coach as a dad and together we were able to convince my mom to allow me to play rugby. My father volunteered to be our high school rugby coach and help put a rugby club team together.

Thus the beginning of my participation in rugby.

I soon realized I lacked in many of the physical attributes known to help rugby players not only play well but also limit exposure to injury. I began to research what I needed to do to become an explosive power rugby athlete on the field.

The PowerHouseRugby website will be a collection of everything I’ve learned over the years about improving my body for rugby intermixed with advice from my rugby dad, “Coach Terry”; interviews with professional players, referees, coaches, along with supplement combinations, equipment choices, exercises, and how the game is played.

If you are just starting out as a rugby player or have dreams of becoming one, it is my hope that sharing my experiences and knowledge will help you.

There will be both free and paid content on this site as it continues to grow. The paid content is to support the running of this website as well as help me pay for college and maybe eventually get some college rugby scholarships going.

Don’t be a hater.

Brian Cox in college rugby game

Brian Cox (me) running with the ball

I also plan to make part of this website a membership site where I will offer programs; a place where we can talk about rugby, fitness, and whatever you want the community to become. I am passionate about helping you be a success at rugby.

Please be patient as I continue to build this site. Besides being a training athlete myself, I am a full-time college student.

If you have any ideas or questions as I am working on this project, please feel free to email me at support(at)powerhouserugby(dot)com. Just be cool and don’t spam email me. Thanks!

Deixa o sangue. Xogar Rugby!




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